SECLINQ partners with Tenable

SECLINQ, today announced that it has become a member of the Tenable Assure™ Partner Program and has strengthened its security portfolio to provide advanced vulnerability management services through Tenable®, Inc.


The offensive security company has partnered with Tenable Inc. to complete the cybersecurity portfolio with advanced services to keep small, medium, and large enterprises safe and compliant with local and international rules.

Vulnerability Management is a process that includes a lot of steps, one of them is the automated process that scans your business’s IT infrastructure and applications for existing vulnerabilities.

For instance, The Tenable vulnerability scanner identifies IT security issues. In addition, prioritization is done and issues are assigned severity levels (informational, low, medium, high, critical). Our team analyzes the results and generates a final report with the corresponding recommendations for your operation team to be able to take corrective actions in time.

SECLINQ and Tenable collaborate to provide periodic vulnerability scans and visibility over risks. In other words, this enables new vulnerabilities to be identified immediately and patched to mitigate the impact that could be generated from them promptly.

The team of SECLINQ skilled security specialists provides offensive security services, penetration testing, cloud security, and application security. Which is now supported by Tenable to go a step further and build a complete vulnerability management system in customers’ environments.


SECLINQ is an offensive security company, its mission is to provide 360 degrees of security to its customers providing a hacker point of view to bring the visibility of hidden risks to light.

We support organizations in protecting their assets through penetration testing, application security, training, cybersecurity awareness. Now SECLINQ and Tenable collaborate to provide vulnerability management.