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SECLINQ can perform vulnerability management service for your business to improve its security.
Vulnerability Management is an automated process that scans your business’s IT infrastructure and applications for existing vulnerabilities.

The vulnerability scanner identifies IT security issues. In that case, these are assigned severity levels (low, medium, high, critical), our team analyzes the results and generates a final report with the corresponding recommendations for your operation team to be able to take corrective actions in time.

They also provide IT management with regular statistical reports. A periodic vulnerability scan thus enables new vulnerabilities to be identified immediately and patched to mitigate the impact that could be generated from them.

The result of the vulnerability management service is a detailed report describing the vulnerabilities discovered and providing recommendations on how to remediate them.

We determine the risk of the vulnerabilities using the latest industry standards taking into consideration the real impact and likelihood of the vulnerability being exploited by a malicious hacker.

This makes it easier to prioritize the reported vulnerabilities.

SECLINQ considers communication as the most important part of our services, this guarantees that you can immediately start taking actions.

Take the work load of the vulnerability management off your team and give it to experts to handle it. This will allow your business to have an accurate vulnerability and management plan and implementation.


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