SECLINQ provides web application penetration testing for your business to improve its security. Web application penetration testing services proactively assess applications to identify vulnerabilities, such as those that could lead to unauthorized access, the loss of sensitive users’ data and financial information.

During this test, vulnerabilities are identified manually and by using automated tooling such as Nessus, Burp Suite and in-house created tools.

Our team of ethical hackers which includes Certified Web Application Penetration Testers (SANS GWAPT) and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) will look for a variety of vulnerabilities and follow the OWASP testing guide to cover all possible attack vectors.

How we do web penetration testing

We do not believe that penetration testing is a one-time service that you can test systems give a report and leave. Our team considers working with a customer as a relationship.

The team will provide advice not only to solve the vulnerabilities but the root causes for those vulnerabilities, so that similar vulnerabilities would not occur again.

Results focused approach

The result of a web application penetration testing is a detailed report.

For each finding, we determine the risk of the vulnerability using the CVSS score amd Seclinq score taking into consideration the real impact and likelihood of the vulnerability being exploited by a malicious hacker. This makes the results measurable and helps you to prioritize and fix the findings.

For each finding, we provide a detailed description so your team can easily reproduce it. And we provide advice to remediate the vulnerability.

A management summary is included to translate the findings in a non technical way to have a clear overview of the results.

We consider communication as the most important part of the test so the team provides the results in person explaining the findings and how to fix them. This guarantees that you can immediately start taking actions.

Our Web Penetration Testing Methodology

01 Scoping

SECLINQ web penetration testing experts work with your team to define the scope of the test, according to the goals of the test we define the web applications and APIs in scope and devise an appropriate testing strategy.

02 Information gathering

Our penetration testers use the latest information gathering techniques to identify technologies used, possible entry points and public information available about the applications in scope.

03 Scanning and vulnerability discovery

Our web penetration testers start using manual techniques and automated tools to identify exploitable security vulnerabilities

04 Exploitation

On this stage, our penetration testers have identified weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They start developing exploits and execute them in a safe way to avoid damaging the targets.

05 Reporting

Once the penetration test is complete, our team creates a detailed report with the details of the findings, recommendations on how to fix them, and an explanation of their risks to support the remediation process and prioritization.


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