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Offensive security

Seclinq full suite of offensive security services to detect security risks using the latest hacking techniques

Seclinq platform

Dedicated platform for cybersecurity posture and compliance management

Defensive security

Seclinq full suite of defensive security services to proactively defend against the latest hacking techniques

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Enhance your overall cybersecurity

Services focused on effectiveness to ensure the best coverage of your cybersecurity posture with the best utilization of your resources

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Use Seclinq Platform to Achieve Compliance with Global Frameworks

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offensive 360
SECLINQ Customer
Convect VVE

"Seclinq helped us in all the stages to obtain the ISO27001 certification. They guided us and prepared all the requirements including the content and the documentation with a minimal supervision from us. We are more thankful to Seclinq for their service and professionalism during the auditing process. We highly recommend Seclinq to any organisation that is willing to obtain the ISO 27001"

– CEO, Offensive360 –

"We contracted with Seclinq to perform a repeat network pen test of one of main application servers. They were prompt and super-easy to work with"

– President, Castine LLC –

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