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SECLINQ provides IoT testing and embedded systems penetration testing for your business to improve its security.

The security of your connected devices is critical, especially when sensitive data is being processed through them.

Many IoT devices are not designed with security in mind leading to security risks that could impact your business.

SECLINQ experts will analyze your IoT and embedded devices, in addition to their backend systems to identify security vulnerabilities and advice on how to resolve them.

The result of an IoT penetration testing is a detailed report with a detailed description of the findings and how to remediate them.

For each finding, we determine the risk of the vulnerability using the latest security standards, taking into consideration the real impact and likelihood of the vulnerability being exploited by a malicious hacker.

This makes the results measurable and helps you to prioritize and fix the findings.

For each finding, we provide a detailed description so your team can easily reproduce it. And we provide advice to remediate the vulnerability.

A management summary is included to translate the findings in a non-technical way to have a clear overview of the results.

We consider communication as the most important part of the test so the team provides the results in person explaining the findings and how to fix them.

This guarantees that you can immediately start taking action.


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