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SECLINQ performs security code review to help you find potential security vulnerabilities in your source code. Most security problems are caused by critical vulnerabilities in applications. Code reviews identify security gaps in the source code thus minimizing potential risks.

A security code review process is a main step in the (SDLC) which is used to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. If security vulnerabilities are not detected and addressed early in the development lifecycle, the cost of remediating these vulnerabilities increases exponentially.

Our team will analyze the source code and identify security issues providing your team with the insights needed to assess the security posture of the application. As well as detailed recommendations on how to eliminate the issues and use security best practices. this way you integrate security right from the start.

SECLINQ team will use automated tools and manual techniques to complete the review process.
Our experts use the latest security code review tools to identify the critical areas that they should focus more on, and then perform a thorough analysis to verify discovered vulnerabilities and detect other issues.

Our team will use the OWASP standard as a reference during the review combined with practical experience in conducting them

The result of the security code review service is a complete report with the details of the findings, recommendations on how to fix them and a section for management to understand the current security status of the application.


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