Cyber Attack Simulation


SECLINQ can perform cyber attack simulation to train your team on the latest security threats. SECLINQ team tries to use techniques used by real hackers to perform attacks depending on the learning goal of your team.

The majority of attacks against organizations, data, and systems are originated from human errors. Hackers don’t use the same patterns as machines and they won’t show themselves when they are trying a hack.

You probably spend a lot of time and money in implementing a cyber security program, just like many other organizations. The effectiveness of these investments only shows when a cyber attack occurs.

Hackers will do everything they can to bypass these security measures. Even if this means that they have to trick your employees and exploit human weaknesses. Cyber ​​criminals are becoming more and more creative in this area.

SECLINQ cyber attack simulation service is focused on increasing your organization’s resilience against serious threats.

Our team designs a simulation that fits your team learning goals. This can be to enhance the blue team detection capabilities, the operation team awareness on emerging cyber attacks or the management response when ransomware hits.

Each engagement is customized and targeted to your organization’s needs to assess how your team detects, responds and prevents cyber attacks.

You will get a detailed report of the results of the engagement and points of improvement to integrate them in your security roadmap.


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