Wireless Penetration Testing

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What do you need to know?

SECLINQ can perform wireless penetration testing on WIFI, Bluetooth, and various other wireless technologies.

Wireless technology is becoming more and more widely used, and it is often not as secure as other components in organizations’ infrastructure. Due to the wireless networks’ nature that it is accessible with fewer physical boundaries, it can be an easier target for attackers.

We initially perform an architecture review in order to identify the implementation of wireless devices across your network. So we can verify if it matches the real case or there are other wireless networks that your organization missed. For example, a rogue device connected attacking your business users.

We will also scan the network for default credentials or weak passwords on wireless management devices from the wired network. In addition to public exploits on these network or web interfaces.

SECLINQ team will Use the latest techniques and tooling to intercept the data transmitted and try to crack the encryption being used.

At the end of the wireless penetration testing, you will receive a comprehensive report. including details of the findings, recommendations and management summary.

SECLINQ team will communicate the results in person so they can explain everything in the report and let your team fix the issues as soon as possible.

For SECLINQ it’s a relationship built on trust to support your business against hackers.