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Located in Breukelen, Utrecht, the Netherlands. SECLINQ has been providing offensive security services since 2021.

SECLINQ was started by security experts who are driven by a passion to make the digital world safer. Our services are following the industry standard for security testing while keeping in mind the new techniques the real-world hackers are using.

We make sure that our processes are complying with standards like GDPR and ISO27001 to make sure our customers’ data is secure and we follow international standards for security testing.

OUR offensive security team is a group of highly skilled ethical hackers. We are passionate about supporting organizations in a time of complex cybersecurity challenges. We have a talented team of technical specialists. Certified OSCP, GIAC, CRTP, CREST CRT and CEH and with years of experience in the field.


We strive to continually deliver the highest standards of customer support and exceed expectations.
We consider our customers as partners. and we will make sure our partners are secure and satisfied with the services we offer.

What We Do

Offensive Security

Our full suite of penetration testing and red teaming services to detect vulnerabilities and security flaws in your systems.

Seclinq platform

Automated cybersecurity posture and compliance management to ensure your security and achieve your compliance goals.

Defensive security

Our full suite of defensive services and products to prevent, detect and respond to the cybersecurity threats your organization is facing.


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Seclinq platform


Penetration testing

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