Don’t wait for hackers

Your organization has valuable data; data that you need to protect from hackers’ attempts to steal it. You have purchased firewalls, IPS systems and virus scanners to guarantee their security. These tools often do what they promise, but hackers are unpredictable. These types of solutions usually cannot completely eliminate the risks for a network or organization. Periodic penetration testing is very important especially when you add new systems to your infrastructure. New vulnerabilities are discovered daily in hardware and software that are already in use.

What is a pen test?

In order to give you a realistic picture of the risks your organization is facing, SECLINQ professional team of ethical hackers simulate the hacker techniques and try to hack into your systems.

During the penetration testing, we identify vulnerabilities and use them so that we can tell your organization how critical the risks they are facing and how they can act to resolve them.

After the test, you will have a better idea of ​​the security risks you are facing. You will receive a comprehensive report with all information about the techniques and tests that have been carried out. This will include recommendations for remediating the discovered vulnerabilities and the possible impact of these vulnerabilities on the business operations within your organization. Once you know your organization’s vulnerabilities, you can take the appropriate measures to improve your security.

Our specialist then advises on how to resolve the vulnerabilities that have been discovered. The tester will give you advice on further securing applications, systems and/or networks. You will also receive presentations showing and explaining the results.


Our penetration testers have in-depth knowledge and practical years of experience. We believe we are partners so we care about you and the security of your organization and we will put the time you reserved for us to the best use.

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