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Seclinq Platform

Automated cybersecurity posture and compliance management to ensure your security and achieve your compliance goals.

What We Do

One solution for comprehensive cybersecurity coverage

Continuously monitor your cybersecurity posture and compliance level, with access to scanning engines that produce minimal false positives. 

Unique perspective on your cybersecurity, ensures compliance but focus mainly on practical identification of threat exposure areas and effective methods of limiting the attack surface.


Main Features

Cloud scanning

Identify misconfigurations across a wide range of cloud providers to minimize the attack surface.

Compliance management

Get access to a wide range of frameworks that you can implement directly through the platform.

Code review

Identify vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle and focus on producing high quality code.

Asset management

Manage your organization’s assets in one place and get full visibility on their current status.

Leverage real-time analytics for cybersecurity decision making

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