Penetration Testing Portal

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SECLINQ Penetration Testing Portal

Manage every aspect of your penetration testing and vulnerability management cycle

Our portal provides a way for your team to dive into the detected vulnerabilities, view prioritized list of vulnerabilities, export vulnerabilities into a ready easy to generate document and assign them to team members.

Penetration Testing Management

The penetration testing portal provides an easy way to manage all your penetration testing engagements.

Easy scheduling, real-time results and the ability to monitor the project progress and act on findings as soon as they are detected.

Penetration Testing Portal

Vulnerability Management

Manage the vulnerability cycle from reporting to remediation using easy to use interface that requires minimum to no training.

Support the compliance with international standards such as ISO27001.

penetration testing portal

Attack Surface Management

Manage all your asset through the included asset inventory, and detect online assets real-time to cover your external exposure and avoid surprises.

penetration testing portal

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