Vulnerability Management Training with Nessus


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About the event

The vulnerability management process is very important for detecting and remediating vulnerabilities in any organization. In this vulnerability management training, we will focus on how to create this process and follow it in an effective way.

We will focus on using Tenable Nessus vulnerability detection. The Tenable tools are very effective in dealing with vulnerabilities and having an automated way of reducing risks.

In this vulnerability management training, we will talk about the process but also introduce the components of Tenable scanners and their different functionalities.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to carry out vulnerability (authenticated and unauthenticated) scans on almost all IP based systems and analyze the results of the scan to eliminate false positives. The participants will learn to carry out risk based prioritization of findings and recommend security controls. This course will help the participants learn vulnerability management and understand the security posture of their systems using Tenable Nessus and decide on the best course of action for remediation.

Vulnerability management training topics

Overview of the vulnerability management process

  • The vulnerability management concepts
  • Vulnerability Data Management Tools and Techniques
  • Network Scanning
  • Web application scanning
  • Compliance standards and information security


Tenable Nessus introduction

  • Installing Nessus Server and License
  • Checking plugins and updating plugins
  • Scanning windows
  • Using preloaded scan profiles
  • Walkthrough of preinstalled configuration standards
  • Navigating the interface


Network discovery

  • Whois, DNS, and Advanced Reconnaissance
  • Reconnaissance Automation
  • Scanning with Nmap
  • Using Nessus discovery


Vulnerability discovery

  • Running simple Nessus scans
  • Running scans from predefined templates
  • Creating templates from preloaded plugins


Vulnerability validation

  • Understanding Nessus output file
  • Understanding risk rating and scoring
  • Manual Validation



  • Analyzing scan results to identify policy improvement points
  • Creating Effective Vulnerability Assessment Reports
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