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Frequently Asked Questions

We are very transparent about our pricing, the cost of a penetration test will depend upon the size of the environment or application to be tested, the objectives of the test, with other factors. Do not hesitate to contact our team and they will scope your test and provide both time and cost estimates.

For instance, some factors that our team considers to decide the overall cost include the number of live IP addresses, applications size and functionality, the objective of the test, etc.

It has been a worldwide trend that small, medium and even large organizations are in the news for being hacked. Therefore, it has become a necessity to secure your business and conduct periodic penetration testing.

SECLINQ penetration testers will thoroughly examine your networks, systems and provide awareness to your employees. Our team focuses on manual testing but also uses automated tools to reach the best results.

The benefits include but not limited to:
  • A detailed analysis of the risks your business is facing from hackers.
  • A comprehensive list of vulnerabilities and detailed recommendations to fix them.
  • An overview over time about your progress by doing periodic penetration testing.

We have instructors for different topics and we know that all organizations are different and require training that is applicable to their environment and threat landscape. Therefore, we are able to create a training targeting your needs. In addition, we leverage our extensive library of labs to provide a perfect learning experience.

We provide a ransomware package that targets educating your team and assessing the implemented security controls on your systems. This will get your team up to speed with the latest security techniques and provide detailed recommendations to enhance your overall security protection.

If you are already hit by a ransomware attack, we provide cybersecurity SOS get in touch immediately. Our tactical team will help you save the situation and respond effectively to the threat.

In conclusion, we cover different scenarios dealing with ransomware. Do not hesitate to contact our team for more info.